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Tomix polyurethane plant

Tomix polyurethane plant is a modern enterprise for the production of high-tech cast polyurethane products. In our company, we use raw materials from leading global manufacturers such as: "Erapol" (Australia), "Diprane" and "Hyperlast" (United Kingdom), "Coim" (Italy), which allows us, in the manufacture of products, to use exactly that material which is physically and mechanically designed specifically for this type of product. These conditions are also achieved by using two-component and three-component systems in production. Continuous innovation and the use of modern technology allows us to produce polyurethane products of almost any configuration. Such as: polyurethane sheets, polyurethane wheels with and without bearings, polyurethane rollers, polyurethane scrapers, couplings and other products made of polyurethane. We also provide a full range of services: restoration of a polyurethane coating on wheels for warehouse equipment, restoration of shafts by applying a polyurethane layer, lining products of varying complexity.

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Our customers:

Polyurethane products under the order.

Our company produces polyurethane products to order, according to customer drawings. As a rule, for the manufacture of non-standard products it is necessary to make injection molds and tooling. These services are provided by enterprises specializing in metalworking. This, in turn, entails additional costs and, accordingly, an increase in the cost of production. To minimize the cost of production of polyurethane products, on the basis of our company operates a workshop for metal processing, which is equipped with all necessary equipment. 

Tomix Eco Company

Our company is engaged in polyurethane restoration of products, we apply polyurethane to pre-processed and already used metal products that were brought to us for restoration, thereby we minimize the production of unnecessary parts in our world. With the help of the restoration method, we can use the same base ten times and at the same time preserve our nature and the environment. We also put a lot of effort into minimizing technical waste from our enterprise, and therefore 75% of all enterprise waste goes to re-production. Tomix Eco Company