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Pallet jack rollers

The Pallet jack is simply an indispensable device in any warehouse, since it allows you to significantly simplify the life of loaders. Such carts easily take on board a cargo weighing 1 ton, and sometimes more. Therefore, its main weak point is the wheels (rollers), which sooner or later come into disrepair, especially when such pallet jack are operated on uneven surfaces. Here, probably, many people had a logical question: “Which wheels and rollers for pallet jack are the most durable?”. Now let's try to figure it out.
Pallet jack rollers

Polyurethane rollers are an excellent alternative to cast as well as pneumatic wheels. To some extent, they combine the basic "+" of the first type: the highest reliability plus a smooth ride. Products (wheels, rollers), which were molded from polymers, are not afraid of all kinds of mechanical damage or punctures, have increased resistance to aggressive media (gasoline, oil), are wear-resistant, resistant to cuts, are quite durable and do not require maintenance during use pallet jack. That is why, on various types of equipment, which is operated in factories, exactly rollers from polyurethane are used.

Scope of application.

Polyurethane rollers are often used on:

Pallet jack with polyurethanerollers

The polyurethane roller, unlike its counterparts made of metal, plastic, and pneumatic wheels, does not have a number of drawbacks, which could directly limit their use in agricultural or various industries and warehouses.

Rollers and wheels for pallet jack.

The base rollers there are two types:

Polymer wheels are available in 3 versions:

Both rollers and wheels have 2 ball bearings. And now let's talk about each kind of wheels in more detail.

If we consider the rubber wheels, in the case of using such a trolley on a high-quality coating, they will be almost silent and 100% safe for the floor surface. True, they have some limitations - low resistance to aggressive environments, as well as relatively low payload.

Polyurethane. This is the most versatile option, which is characterized by the highest wear resistance. Hydraulic trolley with rollers made of polyurethane is easiest to overcome all sorts of unevenness of the floor covering. The polyurethane layer itself is not necessarily red. The color of polyurethane does not matter, it is just a dye, but in this way the manufacturer of polyurethane products can label products by hardness or by the brand of the polyurethane raw material itself.

Polyamide. They are characterized by high payload, plus they are not deformed. This material is better than others resists the effects of various corrosive environments. The nylon layer itself is black or white.

The main advantages of wheels and rollers made of polyurethane: