Polyurethane products factory in Lithuania

Polyurethane is a unique material!

Perhaps you have already heard such a dialogue: - Will this detail work for a long time? - Of course, it is made from polyurethane!

But not everything is so simple! There are several aspects to pay attention to when choosing polyurethane:

  1. Polyurethane and its components are made by different manufacturers and the quality of their products is different. Therefore, we work only with proven global manufacturers and only with high-quality polyurethane raw materials.
  2. Polyurethanes can be liquid, hard and soft. It all depends on the length of the chain sections between the urethane groups, the structure of the chains, the molecular weight and the degree of crystallinity. For softness, they can be very soft as a rubber band for money ("Shore A" - 15 units), and they can be hard as plastic ("Shore D" - 75 units). It is unlikely that you will need a Shore scale, but when ordering a product made of polyurethane, our company manager will always ask where this product will work and in what conditions. Therefore, we customize the material to each client in such a way that he would optimally approach the future working conditions.
  3. The color of polyurethane does not reflect its properties and does not affect them, because it is just a dye. Therefore, it is better to run away from sellers, and even more so from companies that say that red polyurethane is better than yellow and vice versa. We produce polyurethane of different colors, but this is only to visually mark its properties (softness, structure, etc.).
  4. Molded polyurethane is very difficult to manufacture. A slight deviation in air humidity during storage of polyurethane raw materials and the material is no longer suitable for use. That is, you can make products out of it, but it will lose its unique properties. You can buy polyurethane products in our company, where the quality is time tested.