Polyurethane products factory in Lithuania

What is better rubber or polyurethane?

If you compare these materials, the polyurethane clearly wins in its characteristics. But there are pros and cons. Polyurethane is very high quality, but expensive and difficult to manufacture material, at all stages from storage to full polymerization. This is one of the reasons why the mass automotive industry does not switch to polyurethane. In addition, the manufacturer is not profitable to do for the consumer a durable car. With rubber, everything is easier. It is many times cheaper and not as difficult to manufacture as polyurethane. But rubbers quickly lose their properties at sub-zero temperatures and become brittle, as a result of which cracks and tears appear. It is necessary to store rubber in dry rooms and without light, and polyurethane is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, does not dry out and does not collapse in the sun, does not become covered with mold, is not afraid of moisture, has increased resistance to oil products such as oil, gasoline, organic solvents. All these properties and characteristics make polyurethane the undoubted leader.