Polyurethane products factory in Lithuania

What is made from polyurethane ?

Polyurethane sheets

In recent years, polyurethane has found more and more applications in all areas of industry: for the manufacture of a variety of seals, elastic forms, parts for machines and equipment (shafts, rollers, springs, bushings, etc.). Due to the high wear resistance of polyurethane, soles of shoes, sports tires, scrapers for cleaning conveyor belts are made of it. Bumpers for automotive shock absorbers, silent blocks, various gaskets and bushings are also made of polyurethane. At quarries and in the mining and processing industry polyurethane screens are manufactured from polyurethane. Such sieves wear out 30 times slower than rubber. In agriculture, bins are trimmed with polyurethane sheets, thus avoiding abrasion of the bunker itself, which leads to its full or partial replacement, and these are additional costs.