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What you need to know about polyurethane ?

Modern science never ceases to amaze with new and new inventions. As a result, almost every day there are some new items, well-known materials and devices go into oblivion. Today, we will talk about polyurethane - a material that was created in the 40s, but to this day remains relevant and continuously used. But in any case, you can buy high-quality polyurethane products from our company - www.tomix.lt We only use high-quality European two-and three-component polyurethane in our products.

What is polyurethane ?

Polyurethane (PU) is a flexible, resilient and durable material that is able to take on various forms. It is used in various fields to replace wood, plastic, rubber, metal, etc. Polyurethane is extremely versatile. Because of this, it has a wide range of applications, but most often it is used for the production of industrial or consumer products, which play an important role in ensuring a comfortable and convenient human life.

According to its chemical structure, polyurethane is a molecule containing repeating rows of smaller units called monomers. It is created by mixing 2 compounds, called polyol and isocyanate, which are both monomers throughout the chemical reaction. Eventually, a material appears that can be broken, scratched or stretched and still maintains its integrity. Depending on the components of the polyol and isocyanates, the polyurethane can be in different forms: solid, foam or liquid.

Scope of polyurethane.

This material has a very wide scope of application:

Why are polyurethane products better than rubber ?

Very often you can hear the question: "What material is better - polyurethane or rubber?" It all depends on the application. So, in the case of tires, seals and some belts, rubber is the best material, and in the case of bushings, gaskets and components with high loads - polyurethane.

Polyurethane plates

Polyurethane has a higher resistance to abrasion, cutting and tearing. Polyurethane can be made with higher hardness, and has a better bearing capacity. Polyurethane is easily colored, chemically resistant, has a wider temperature range. At low temperatures, when the rubber becomes solid and does not properly hold the load placed on it, the polyurethane remains elastic. The only minus of products from polyurethane is their price. Such products are more expensive to manufacture and require high control during polymerization, which ultimately makes it more expensive than rubber products. But where the rubber fails, polyurethane continues to work.

In turn, rubber in its soft nature allows you to absorb vibrations and noise. This will incline you to the version that polyurethane is not so good for vibrating, but in reality it is also an excellent energy absorber, just you need to understand exactly where it will work in order to properly adjust it softness.

In the majority of cases, polyurethane surpasses its rubber counterparts when replacing many components, including: sleeves, gaskets, etc. In the end, parts will last many times longer, withstanding chemicals, oils, various corrosive media, as well as compression and load.

Therefore, if you are interested in the reliability of your equipment and a longer service life without repairs, then you should use polyurethane products.

Polyurethane in agriculture

Today, polyurethane in agriculture is used very widely. From it produce products that used to be made from rubber, metal, as well as other, less wear-resistant polymers.

Polyurethane sieve for screening

So, from this material produce: sieves and noise absorbers, various elements of elevator conveyors (for example, loading sleeves, conveyor scrapers), as well as various components for agricultural equipment (devices for poultry pickers, sorting of root crops, tires and rollers for tracked vehicles, etc.)

In addition, polyurethane sheets are used for lining of agricultural equipment, as a result, its use is significantly increased. At the same time, grain grade is maintained.

Polyurethane in industry

Also polyurethane is widely used for:


As you can see, polyurethane is a high-tech, modern material, which by its qualities far superior to many elastomers.